Mental Illness: Where It Ends?

This week is the Mental Illness Awareness from the 12 thru the 18 of May and many people doesn’t know about it, since it’s in the UK. In the US is the first week of October. What’s worst, many people who think they’re feeling the symptoms from the sadness, feeling down to the anxiety and other dangerous risky behaviors, often ignore it for the fear of being labeled and outcast in society. And that’s not all, a large group goes undiagnosed for years, if not, decades without finding out what’s going on with their well being all while being given medications that can give them deadly side effects not for them but for their loved ones. And there’s a handful of people unable to get the help they need because or they’re uninsured and can’t afford it services.

Meanwhile, many young people and adults commit suicide on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, many are turned down because of the inability to pay even if they have insurance.

Meanwhile, a lot have been undiagnosed, misdiagnosed of their condition.

Meanwhile, Mental Illness is a ludicrous business dedicated to rip off many families by destroying their loves ones dignity, respect and security.

And it has to stop!

As a person dealing with mental illness on a daily basic have been sick to the stomach the stigma society has put upon not me but millions that having a mental condition isn’t a big deal and we have to suck it in and deal with it. The government seems blind to the mentally ill, but then label the whole standard that a person with depression, PTSD, Schizo, Autism, Aspergers are subject to commit violent crimes and glorifies it. Seriously? You have to be kidding me!

What about the programs that can help patients like me to control it? Well, as a matter of fact, there’s just one and like I told before in my posts, they only accept cash and their price is 80.00 a session. There’s the Welfare office, but it’s too understaffed and too ridiculous to think that I’m going to get the service I need when all they did was giving me a business card with some phone numbers. So, what are my options? Travel 50 miles to get decent care or suck it up and deal with it? I choose number two. And it always have been for years.

They always say there’s always help but where? I don’t expect to receive the care for free, but I deserve better, they deserve better. A person with mental illness is a time bomb waiting to explode at any moment. If you don’t want to see any news about tragic shootings in public places like schools, work places or even in the park, consider this. If your state you live in is taking care of the mental illness patients or are they’re giving them the middle finger? If they ignore them and see this aftermath, you know it’s not the parents fault, it’s the state’s fault for ignoring the issue, like rug it up under the carpet and walk on top of it. Because one person can’t overcome this stigma, not even by a long shot.