Let My Girls Go!

In the middle of the whole glamour of People Magazine placing the picture of Lupita Nyong’o in their cover for being the most beautiful person of the year, a lot of girls in Nigeria are being kidnapped by a radical Islam group name Boko Haram who believes that girls who are learning how to write and read and learn are “sinful” in their eyes and their “role” is to become sexual objects to men. The sad part of it, instead of the Nigerian government doing radically something about it, they just let the people decide by voting. Are you guys, for real? Time is at the essence here and you guys are gonna let the people decide instead of taking reigns of the issue and grab these defenseless girls out of captivity, kill these bastards and return them to their families? That is such a plain insult to their families intelligence and plenty of laughs from all the leaders of the world to the Nigerian government.

For the Islam group, it’s a win-win situation where hundred of girls will never see the light of day, their futures crushed and having scars full of mental, sexual and physical abuse, most of them getting forcibly marriage to strangers for 12 bucks.

This is heartbreaking, just imagine if you live there and one day your daughter is missing after she went to school. And you can’t do nothing except plead to the government who sadly don’t respond properly, to save these girls. We need more than prayers and hope in this matter. Where’s NOW the United States in this?