Sugar Daddy Syndrome

In the recent events that a now ex-owner of the LA Clippers Dan Sterling came up to light when a former mistress named V. Siriano “published” this controversial recording on, it makes me think the social epidemic which is young attractive girls “catching” a rich old dude, mostly married to get out of their “poverty” they’re in. It has been for years and it’s not addressed until now. It’s the issue of finding a Sugar Daddy.

From my experience, I met a few girls, mostly attractive who told me incidents involving a person who might be 10 or 20 years older or more than them, offering money in exchange for sex. One of my acquaintances told me that she received $400.00 just for saying “Hello” to the guy and I wonder what type of Hello she was saying that the guy gave the money without thinking because it can’t be out of his kind heart. I as well as them were working in the hospitality department. I was instead, doing my own business getting paid, the honest way possible even if it killed me while they were getting the easy route.

For decades, many women have been using these tactics to get up in the world, where still women earn less and struggled more than men. Still, the equality that feminism “promoted” during the late 60’s thru 80’s wasn’t working anyway so their next tactic would be using the old bait and catch where women use their seduction to get a man, but not under the pretense of marrying but the real tactic of milking them dry. The more vulnerable are the rich men, mostly in the senior years who are lonely or in a unhappy marriage looking for excitement in their lives.

The Dan Sterling tragedy shows men out there to be careful not only to STD but to be careful who you’re going to give your money to. A despised woman who “allegedly” not sent the audio to TMZ, is the one responsible for not only ruin his career but destroying his play pretend unhappy marriage as well. Don’t forget about the fall of Tiger Woods where he was having sexual encounters with waitresses who wanted his 15 minutes of fame, but he screwed himself destroying his marriage and his golfing career will never surface. Men today have to be extremely careful to these Harlots, period. If you don’t want to ruin your career, your marriage, don’t sleep around with modern day whores, plain and simple.

Sadly, some women out there still don’t learn how to suck it up and deal with it and earn a honest paycheck. You’re stranded on your tuition bills? Get A JOB! Your job is paycheck to paycheck? Get a second job or find a better one! Women today lost the concept of working hard and want the easy road no matter how many people they hurt in the end just for the excuse that they have good looks. I know, women chase old men for money are attractive and are using it at their advantage but one of these days it doesn’t last long.