Ok, who in the right mind will allow this youngster to carry guns?

Ok. Here’s the deal. In a small town in Minnesota, Police Dept. caught a 17 year old for planning a school shooting massacre at two High Schools and not only that, he was planning on a diversion by creating a fire a few miles away for the police and fire dept keep them “entertained” while he kills his family, to then go to the school and get carnage. But the thing about it that is one girl notified authorities because one of the rental storage he “possessed” has a lot of pyrotechnic chemicals, ammunition, ball bearings and gun powder. Not only that, Police searched the house and found a lot of firearms in his room along with written plans and recipes. And all this story that a community stopped this young man committing a tragedy is simply a bunch of boloney. For starters, before you get tears out of your eyes in a sense of relief, you have to question, where the hell he got into all this armory? Because by the sound of it, he can’t get all those things that’s worth couple thousands of dollars working at McDonalds? I doubted that this little man bought all this things by himself, there have to be something else than accumulating all these things in the hands of a teenager. And then how the hell does he have the money to rent these things in a storage facility?

The other issue, what type of propaganda the government is stipulating? To control who want to defend themselves in case of revolt against the US government? What are the US government afraid of now? Of incriminating or should I say framed this kid for something that this kid was unable to do. It’s truly impossible that a work of an army of one teenager with plenty of ammunition, gun powder, pyro stuff and guns could plan such an evil plan unless the government put the foot down to do it’s dirty work, as it always does.