Sometimes it’s Better To STFO

Cliven Bundy  and Don Sterling is by far the most arrogant pieces of shit on the planet. First for Bundy, not only he got his 15 minutes of fame by pretending to be the victim of a standoff with the Federal Government over his cows gracing over trespassed territory, but saying comments like: And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom,” it caused a knot in my stomach. After all the Black community have been enduring for centuries to get their own freedom, identity and purpose, and this jackass “offered” an idea that it was better off being slaves, than what are doing right now, it kinds of more than an silly insult. He was speaking his own death sentence. And now he’s saying he ain’t no racist, means that maybe he could like men but doesn’t mean he’s homosexual (just an example) is an absurd predicament of his own ignorant nature. When he was “attacked” by the feds some people were going to support his cause, but after he said these words, his supporters just went  slowly walking away from the area.

Now, the owner of the LA Clippers Don Sterling drew another snafu when he was arguing with his golddigger mistress V. Stiviano over the fact that she was posting photos of Black Players on her Instagram account. His comments were insulting at worst. By stating to her that she’s white and Latina when in fact she is Black and Latina. And just because she posted a photo of some player on her Instagram started his blatant comments against Black Men. His lack of morals telling her that he don’t care if she sleeps around with black men as long as she don’t post photos of them with her on her account while having this mentality of arrogance and ignorance all while being married to Rochelle Sterling. He’s becoming the most hated person, not only the NBA but for the whole United States.

It’s embarrassing that still the Black community cannot overcome this stigma of racism and discrimination from some people who thinks that this community is still inferior. We still battle a lot of uphill challenges, from searching for decent honest jobs, to be a positive role models to young generations by playing sports, music and acting. But after I saw in all these years is just a facade, a play pretend and know that for a fact the reasons behind why Black men and women are achieving their “dreams” is because of pity. Honestly it made me puke. Black people don’t deserve pity, they deserve respect and dignity.  Why the hell Holocaust survivors doesn’t want to remember for their brutal experience with the Nazis 24/7 while the Black Community are reminded of what they came from and what they’re amount to do which was to serve and pick cotton constantly? Society keep reminding us that we still amount to nothing by ourselves and it was better with the massa on our side even in this century. And that’s really pitiful.

PS: If it weren’t for Blacks, Basketball would turn up into a boring, bland uninterested game.
Update: Dan Sterling has been banned for life by the Basketball Commissioner Adam Silver effective today. Sterling also have to pay $2.5 million dollars in fines. He would NOT under any circumstances being involved with his now not-owned team the LA Clippers from their practices to their games, even NOT attending in any NBA meetings or any basketball games.  Now, the NBA don’t want him at the game and they did with class.