It’s their House, NOT yours!

Imagine this. You bought a house in a nice neighborhood and do whatever you want to do with it. And decided they want to paint the house based on the movie “Up” for their kids. And the so-called neighbors doesn’t like that one bit.

A lot of the neighbors called this house dressed like a clown in a street that is mainly “historical” Victorian homes. First of all, they bought the damn house, they have the money to renovated as they please, they pay their bills, so why these people such control freaks telling them what “appropriate” colors they want to put on this house? It’s basically an intrusion of their privacy and their individualism. The reason this family paint the house it’s because of their kids. Not because they’re selfish assholes who want to destroy the “balance” of the landscape like these neighbors seems to be.  So, they wanted to look like this instead?

If they don’t like the house colors that they paint them, there’s no way you can fix the issue. It’s their house, they pay it, they want to live there so leave them alone! It’s not like they’re criminals or something!