Now He Can Rest In Peace


I’m still skeptical over this. My dog Pillsbury died on Nov. 10, 2013 under the hands of a ruthless calculated person that lacked compassion not only for animals but for owners. It was a heartbreaking decision to let him go to sleep after all her mistakes were noticeable. And not only that, she didn’t advised us about where Pillsbury remains will be handled properly. Instead, we didn’t given that choice. She took matters into her own hands by discarding his remains in a dump a week later his passing. These 5 months were hellish in nature as I continue to do my own life, pretending to just be alright and dealing with the whole thing. My depression went worst from there, panic attacks here and there, bouts of crying all because I was thinking of a dog that didn’t deserve such a humiliating treatment and thoughts of suicide. My husband didn’t have no other choice than to find a lawyer who could represent us in search of fair justice. But my mind was set of making that person responsible for what she’s done and really I don’t want another person, dog or cat being victim of her insensitive hands.

The tricks was difficult. In order to find a lawyer, it has to be maybe more than a hundred miles away since all the “lawyers” in this small town has the “Conflict of Interest” which in other means sounds like corruption to me by making businesses or entities not responsible even if they’re at fault. Finally, we found one and he agreed to help us. The location however was very daunting, we have to travel to Boise for that date, but instead we choose closest from another state instead. Another trick is my husband pays a monthly program so we can save money in the long run. Then we gather a lot of documents, payment slips and including my testimony which was hard for me to write and photos of our dog in his happy days. And set up a date.

Last month in March 30, we missed the court date because we didn’t know about the whole thing. The lawyer called us telling us that. So, we did another date with another Judge because the prior one was going on vacation. Inconvenience? Not really! So, the next court date will be on April 25, 2014 around 70 miles from where we live. But I decided not to show up because I wasn’t ready to confront that person, and to avoid an spectacle, so instead my husband will be attending along with the lawyer. It was all set up at 1:00pm in that courtroom 70 miles away. While I was working, I was pretty unsure whats the verdict will be. But all those negative thoughts were replaced by a feeling of happiness which was weird as I concentrated harder to get my work done. But still I wasn’t myself, I was silent instead and forget looking that the dreaded clock.

At my break at 3:00pm I called my husband and he delivered the good news. THE JUDGE RULED IN OUR FAVOR! By sentencing this person to have her license revoked. And worst, she have to take all the courses again, one by one and those things are expensive, if she wants to get her license back. There’s a lot of reasons why the Judge took that decision and one of them was her arrogance. Not only she or her lawyer didn’t show up but her excuse was that she was working. I was working too, but at least I wrote a letter about the whole ordeal! Second, her so-called lawyer was in another engagement. Really? Doesn’t suppose that at least he could show up or find a replacement if that person is unable to attend?

But even thought we receive no monetary compensation, at least we were more than satisfied with the outcome of events. At least, I’m finally able to be at peace, so as my late dog. Now I can move on. Thanks for my co-workers specially my now best friends Robyn, Kimmie, Sally, Laurie 1, Laurie 2, Kendra and the pharmacy girl for their support in those 5 months of hell I was enduring.  And thanx for my husband for moving tooth and nail for Pillsbury and supporting me, by being patient with me. And thanx for the lawyer for all the extra help he delivered.

Pillsbury and Me
Now He can be at peace. And I have to move on.
Note: I decided for her privacy, her name and location is withheld. The internet is honestly a bitch as I don’t want any trouble or complications.