Wrong Definition of the word Racist

In Chicago, it’s Board of Education announced a plan to restructure public schools with prominently Black neighborhoods, by simply eliminate it’s actual teachers and staff and replaced them with teachers and staff from the Academy for Urban School Learning who are “experts” in handling low-performing schools and placed them at three troubling schools on probation. Meanwhile 50 schools in the regions are shut-down all while the Chicago Teachers Unions cry foul at all this debacle citing that “improving” this broken “School system” by shutting down while firing personnel is “racist.”

I just say… STOP RIGHT HERE, Miss! Do you know what that word “racist” means? Is a person that thinks that certain race, ethnicity, nationality, accent is inferior and deserves a inferior quality of living for this or that person. To suggest that improving schools by closing deteriorated schools while trying to save 3 or more it’s more than a slap in the face for you, Mrs. Karen Lewis, it means that the actual teachers that are members of your union sadly doesn’t care about the kids, and instead care about the paycheck they receive by delivering a crappy service to the community specially the children. And there’s a lot of drop outs, who sadly end up in and out of jail prison systems and others who stayed doesn’t have the right tools to survive in this society by learning just the basics like Math, Science, and History while you, Mrs. Lewis are just bitching and complaining followed by drinking a cold iced tea by stepping on a lot of the future generation that could be the next leaders of this country. Sadly, this woman has lost touch and it’s the lack of knowing the word “racist” that Lewis screwed big time.