Where Our Black Heroines?

Recently I watched “The Vampire Diaries” at Netflix. Two weeks ago I was invited to see “Divergent” on theaters. And read “Reboot” by Amy Tintera on my tablet. What all those young fictions stories have in common? The lack of Black girls in their stories or as the main protagonist.

Recently I posted about not only the lack of Black women in TV shows but the stereotypes that followed from “ghetto with an attitude” to “the other woman”. But this is another issue I would like to address it now. Authors from making TV shows to fiction books these days doesn’t realize there’s a huge majority of young African-American girls and sadly even in these days still there’s no role models to follow. What I say role models are NOT ratchet women causing a ruckus by name calling, throwing shit everywhere and acting like an irrational animals. I mean role models with integrity and moral compass able to choose the right decisions.

Before you say, oh, there’s a “lot” of Black women characters in TV Shows and movies. Consider this? How you ever see a Black young teenager as the main character? Name at least one. Not in a comedy which is always stereotyped, but in action, sci-fi, is always scarce. For example, “Vampire Diaries” which there’s only one black girl and a recurring black guy in the show. “Divergent” doesn’t have even one dark skin girl and “Reboot” lacks diversity. The bad about black girls and self-esteem is because there’s no actually no role models of their own kind that can be identify with. It’s always the negative stereotypes that seem accustomed to or to be just the sidekick who is asking for trouble and needs the white friend to help her out and these girls will imitate in the wrong sense of the word. And not only that but the skin factor affects how Black girls motivate themselves to have high self of themselves. There’s less dark skin women on TV, than light brown skin women and it send these girls wrong signals and confusion about knowing themselves and where they stand. Right now our priority for these girls of color is to enrich themselves and be not only proud of who they are but motivate themselves to feel identified with the characters that define what’s a girl of color truly is and should be. Not what the media and society have been contaminated their minds to believe.