Ethnic Hair Wars

Last week, the US Army introduced regulations concerning how hair styles are acceptable and which ones aren’t. Sadly, most of the hairstyles that are unacceptable are the ethnic hair, for example cornrows, dreadlocks and some braids. African-American women specially who are in the military were up in arms. How can the US Army tell them what to do with their hair when the priority right now for the military is how to implement programs for soldiers to avoid having PTSD? It turns out it was aimed at African-American women who their hair is grown up, not straight down like Caucasians has and African-American hair is mostly curly to nappy that to put just a bun in their hair constitute a big challenge unless the hair gets chemically treated to look straight.

I think the army instead of thinking of just straight hairstyles that are easy to put a bun to, they should understand not all hair textures are the same and understand that it’s not the hair that make them a soldier, but their integrity and moral background the soldier has. Another thing, if the US Army allowed turbans, headscarves and beards for religious reasons, why they don’t allow Black women have their natural hair? It doesn’t affect their duty! And seriously it doesn’t look unkempt and nasty. By the way, I read their Power Point presentation  and it just sickens me, their arrogance over stupid little things like tattoos, jewelry, hair instead of more important matters like life and death situations, combat strategies and moral responsibility is putting everyone’s tax money to waste! Don’t you guys think?