Big Freaking Deal

Here’s what I don’t understand. It’s 2014, right? So, why the media is always promoting “unity” and “diversity” in the South like it was the 1960’s? I mean, have this country overcome racism and discrimination? In reality and seriously no! Still we get bombarded with ads sponsoring gay and single parenthood families, we get up to our noses with interracial relationships and still there’s people who are old fashioned, who don’t want to mix chocolate with milk. There’s always a handful of people saying offensive and insulting words against this race or another and how their behavior affects these groups socially. You can’t fight the strong opposition of hate groups and invite them over a  few cups of tea and have a normal conversation and debate. It’s unrealistic to think that just for one prom race “integration” will change all that causing all those racist black hearts to melt or soften.

Truth is the South is very deep in reaping their seeds of racism. And no matter what it’s very strong and it’s unavoidable. The South has always have conflicts with the North, to their way of life, of how the North have “evolve” in the sense of “tolerance” and acceptance of other races and nationalities to how the government work together. The South is sunk in their so-called “Christian” beliefs of “love thy neighbor” but not towards the Black Community and it amazes me how short they have become over the course of a few centuries. How backwards they have become and how rough with the sense of arrogance in what’s acceptable or not. Just because they use the confederate flag to strike a point doesn’t mean they’re mature, grown human beings. To me, it’s going back to the memories where Black people were persecuted, abused and even killed, denigrated because of their color of their skin, treated worse than animals with no voice or opinion except “Yes or No” and who can remember the days where Eugenics were planning on eliminating the Black race once and for all by forcing sterilization, and outcast them from their master’s houses with no where to go. Ok, working in a plantation were the only thing they knew. And after that, the Jim Crow laws which put the Black People away from civilization back into servitude under fear until the Right Civil Movement came along temporarily.

But did it work? Some parts. But still the South didn’t prosper itself, didn’t heal it’s wounds and are dwindling in the past, not into moving into the future. And now they’re integrating simple activities like Prom into the schools and showing to the whole wide world they overcome racism by integrating Black and Caucasians together. But I’m sorry doesn’t suppose to do that decades ago? Why now? What they’re trying to prove with all this? That they’re as much civilized than Washington DC? That racism and discrimination is over? Not that fast! Still, they have to be honest with themselves and it’s going to have a hard road healing it’s wounds and it’s embarrassing with the past, and maybe, maybe I might be convinced.