Playing Fire with Charcoal


UPS made the biggest mistake of all when one of it’s centers in New York, fired long time employee Jairo Reyes over issues of hours dispute and 250 employees were fired after they protested for 90 minutes against his firing. UPS excuse? They were disrupting the delivery process and they get “penalized” for that.

After that news broke, politicians, civic leaders and Union leaders were demanding UPS to withdraw it’s decision of firing them otherwise they will cancel their city contract with UPS. UPS response? “UPS appreciates its business with the New York public offices, ultimately if that business is reduced or eliminated, the result will be reduced need for UPS employees to serve the pick-up and delivery requirements of City offices, potentially impacting the livelihoods of the many local UPS employees that did not join in the illegal work stoppage.” In other words, UPS will fire other employees as a sign of retaliation. But wait a minute here? UPS has NO right to do this since New York isn’t a “Right To Work” state and every company who doesn’t follow contracts by the Union, it’s the Union that has to make the company held accountable. These hard working employees didn’t do anything wrong with going on a 90 minute strike against UPS decision to fire Mr. Reyes. They were against UPS decision and they have all the right to do so. If UPS retaliated with such force and anger against city officials and other businesses by firing more employees, they’re surely acting like little kids that want their own way or the highway. But who’s really is the real assholes? Surely is NOT the Unions!