Less Than Honorable

The “honorable” judge Jan Jurden of Delaware allowed this monster Robert H. Richards IV some probation and the excuse for it was he will “Not Fare Well” in prison. Ok, a coward of a man who sexually abused his own three children to then being “punished” just probation, it sounds odd. Most sexual pervs are subjected to years in jail, followed by constant surveillance when they’re out and label them as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. But Richards, the IV just a slap in the hand and send him off to society, it sounds to me that for some reason Jan Jurden have been paid… a lot. Plea Bargain? It’s a solid joke when Robert H. Richards is a full fledged millionaire for being a hair to the Du Pont fortune in a time that justice has been so corrupted and damaging and he indeed got away with it. Plea Bargain was just a facade to what’s truly went on. Perhaps, Jan Jurden’s pay have been cut and she needed the money for a getaway vacation, or a new car or home improvements. Meanwhile, his children are scarred for the rest of their lives, confused with what’s going on and in sense blaming themselves for the whole traumatic experience they went through. It’s too much to bear the injustice these innocents are facing because the greed of money dictated how judges proceed with a controversial case like this.

Her mother is doing what she can based on her circumstances to file a lawsuit against this parasite for monetary and punitive compensation. But justice is surely blind when it comes with a worm with tons of money. Americans have to be outraged at this outcome and should have a media backlash against the judge who “sentence” him, support for his ex-wife and her children who are right now very damaged, afraid that this loser could come back and make this cockroach pay for his crimes. The court system in America is indeed screwed up.