April Fools Day? It Fooled Me!

I didn’t know it was April Fools. I remember last year, I posted an update on Facebook telling my “friends” and “acquaintances” that I’m pregnant followed by a picture of a sonogram that isn’t mine. The bad side… no one noticed it… or got shocked about it.  Two years ago, I was working at a nursing home when I told my manager that I win the lotto and I’m going to quit, his expression was priceless followed by doing a prank on my now ex-friend of mine. This year is mellow… I called my job and said that I was pregnant… everybody in my job were so ecstatic over that… but then… I say April Fools day and they were having a good time after that… but why the urge for me to get pregnant? Gosh! I know I want to have kids, but money, and my health is the issue and I think I’m out of my prime.

But anyway, April Fools day makes people happy for once in a world of serious bashing hate towards one another. Where the crazy ideas could bring a smile to your friends, co-workers and a few acquaintances and frenemies.