Why You Can’t Be Yourself?

I read a sad story of a married woman who started in February a lot of surgeries including lipo, breast augmentation among other six procedures to look more like The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence. She spent (I think her husband paid for it too) almost $25,000 in those procedures (which she could use that money for more important things like college education for her kid or pay debts) but I think she obviously have that conscience that she didn’t want to look in the mirror and feel how unimportant she’s becoming. This is a huge price to pay for women who don’t appreciate their own bodies and faces and a lot who doesn’t like the color of their skin because of the false standards of beauty. Many opted for dangerous practices like bulimia, to look scary thin. Others are so scarred with tons of unnecessary plastic surgeries and many who are women of color are scorn by society and tries to become acceptable with awful and denigrated results. The issue is women with self-hatred of themselves is alive and rampant in this screwed society and young girls are pressured more than ever to become an object so unrealistic that have to be a cartoon to be sure.

And if we don’t start effective programs to level up our self-esteem and be proud and accept our own bodies, faces and color, women become more confident, happier and inspired to do great things without feeling judged or prejudiced over their physical attributes or skin color.