Min. Wage Earners: They’re NOT loving it!

Connecticut is the first state to implement the min. wage raise from $8.25 to $10.10 signed into law by the Governor Daniel Malloy yesterday being the first state to jump forward in an effort to curb poverty for many low skilled income workers. Sounds good, Right? It would be a great step to reach into the American Dream, right? Not depending on welfare, sure! But here’s the thing that many low skilled workers are going to fear. The cut of hours by employers like Mc Donalds, Walmart, along with supermarkets will be the norm along with the invasion of technology including and I’m not joking, a robot that serves up 360 hamburgers per hour. Self-serve cashier machines. It’s going to be robotiziced to the point that these employees that worked for years are kicked into the curb. At least Connecticut is NOT a right to work state, but other states will be following suit on these types of technology because they want to earn more money and less losses. And that’s not right. Absolutely! Employers shouldn’t rely on technology so much, since customers want face to face interactions, asking questions and help in getting the right product. If employers will adopt that system, min. wage earners are going to be doomed from the start, that if there’s no Unions to help them.

If only corporations or businesses could be held accountable for every cut of hours or lay off they make to every employee, for the so-called sake of saving a buck, these companies will think twice before doing that step. But since there’s no rules or regulations to protect employees these corporations are taking advantage of them from working off the clock, to their pay system. Either way, with their raise of 2 dollars won’t solve anything since all the cost could skyrocket, what other alternatives should be done to help the dwindling middle class? Because putting robots or apps instead of people who want to work, that’s their greedy corporation’s big plan and the unemployed are NOT loving it at all.