Outrage Much?

Video Games have been blamed for everything… a lot. From kids behaving violent to this that I have to put it down on the screen. A 14 year old kid from Coeur D’Alene, Idaho used a machete, a shotgun and a pistol to kill his father and his younger brother two nights ago. The kid Eldon Samuel III, was arrested and charged it as an adult, if he’s convicted he receive life in prison. Sad, doesn’t? What angers me the most is the so-called media blame once again Video Games for it’s aftermath. Eldon, who confessed the crime from a temporary housing unit to the police, said that he plays GTA V (Grand Theft Auto) and his favorite character in the game is Trevor. For all of you who don’t know this last installment of the game it’s about three characters doing missions which sometimes they team work. It’s one of the best games Rockstar Games have come up with, and now thanks to the media, the game has now a soiled big spot in it. But wait a minute here! GTA is rated M for mature! A 14 year old cannot by any means purchase this game unless his or her parents agreeds to buy it! This is one of the serious mistakes this father did. Buying the damn game instead of fixing his life. Another point, Eldon was taking medications at the time of the crime, maybe Ritalin, or an anti-depressant? The news didn’t specify which drugs he was taking and it didn’t show if it was prescribed or not. It was just a speculation of a Mature game that couldn’t get into his hands in the first place to begin with that caused the killing.

It’s a tragedy that could be avoided if the parent take some parenting classes, since he was an abusive bully who just humiliate, belittle and abuse the boy. And by the way, they’re NOT living in a apartment or owning a house. They’re living in a temporary housing from the charity St. Vincent De Paul and it specifies “No Weapons allowed.” How come they secretly carried the pistol and the shotgun into the house? And why the administrators of St. Vincent didn’t schedule searches at least once a month to see if they find illegal drugs or weapons in the premises. I know they’re trying to help the homeless being independent by getting a place to live, but they have to find their rules a little bit strict. And now with that issue, they could be a little more aggressive. Absolutely, St. Vincent failed at that.

So, blaming on video games because of this tragedy is blaming a prostitute for being a homewrecker without knowing the real facts in the matter. Plain and simple, the kid planned this eight months ago, he was constantly bullied and abused by his father and taking medications, that the media didn’t specify if it was prescribed or not. And was playing a video game NOT suitable for his age because of it’s violence, nudity and language to “escape” what’s going on with his life. The Charity that provided housing, didn’t schedule a strict search for weapons and illegal drugs and lacks to offer counseling and support programs for dysfunctional families to avoid tragedies like this. It’s a shame, honestly.