Long Overdue

I tried to not talk about the Flight 730, but I have to get it out of my chest. Malaysian Airlines plane that went missing for almost two weeks, now the people involved in the search rescue announced that yes, they “found” the plane and yes, the 239 passengers on board are supposedly dead. And what I don’t understand the whole thing is why it took so long for them to tell it? Why they didn’t investigate further to what’s the cause instead of being dependable on pings and last locations of the plane for days? When it’s a plane that hits the ocean, mostly dead corpses and airplane debris comes up, not sink. Why they didn’t get the corpses? Of course, families and relatives needs proof, not only that but how it happened, find the people accountable for it and try to compensate these families affected by it. If it happens in the US,  there’s strict laws and regulations in cases like these and it’s quickly solved, but since it’s in Asia, it’s just a bad joke that everybody are ready to throw all kinds of rotten vegetables.

Feeling sympathy for the families affected by this tragedy knows no boundaries, but finding the cause of the accident should be solved in no time to make these families rest in peace and move on. It’s such a disaster that the investigators still don’t know the real cause of why the airplane went “missing.” Families needs to know, the world needs to know and their anger, their rage and their sadness is fully visible and the world has the right to know.

My prayers are with these families who are dealing with this ordeal.