Photography on a Budget: Getting the Best Photo Mags

Starting photography sometimes could be a difficult and expensive process to deal with. With many information at the palm of your hand it seems three of the main photography magazines “Popular Photography”, “Shutterbug” and “Outdoor Photographer” offers limited info about how to make excellent, beautiful photos. These magazines are notorious for showing what’s the most expensive camera and accessories you should get instead of at least learning the basis and polishing on more advanced techniques. What’s the alternative? YouTube, is a nice hub to learn but if you like to read and also learn more, here’s the list of magazines I recommend to get:


Digital Camera World: It has tons of tutorials and info for amateurs to pro’s. It also has stunning photos and you can participate in their photography school which is free. It also includes tutorial CD. It’s available for Ipad and Android.

Photo Plus: Dedicated to Canon users. It helps you mastering your camera in no time with easy tutorials, getting the best lenses accessories to get and also comes with a CD. It’s available for Ipad and Android.

Digital SLR Photographer: Offers advise and tutorials from beginners to pro’s on basics and intermediate techniques professional photographers use. It also comes with supplements including CD. Available on Ipad and Android.

Digital Photo: More easy tutorials and also what’s the best camera and accessories you should get based on your budget. It includes supplements, CD tutorials. Only Available only on Ipad.

Practical Photography: It helps photographers improve their skills along with expert advise and gear reviews. It also comes with supplements and a tutorial CD as well. It’s available on Ipad and Android.

Just a few thoughts. These magazines are from the UK which means that the cost of it are approximately 14 to 15 bucks for printed versions. The digital versions are average 4 to 6 dollars and includes the content from the printed versions plus the CD online. Practical Photography however the digital version is 2 dollars but doesn’t include the supplements.  Also, check out their websites linked above and figure which is the best for you.