Back to Segregation?

This is getting through my nerves today. A report from the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights “confirmed” that Black students are being more penalized and suspended than other races. Tell me something I don’t know, people! Seriously? Can they do something else than doing studies about race? How about how well educated, motivated these kids are? If the kids are well fed? How about attention from teachers? And attacking problems like bullying? But this? This isn’t new, how come Race have become more important than Math, History and Science?

This investigation instead is pulling another race card to feel pity to Blacks. Many Black males and females who get suspended are susceptible to crime, unwanted pregnancies and dependent on welfare drowning themselves in poverty for the rest of their lives. It’s like school is meant to break their spirits of the next generation specially minorities, and obviously it isn’t fair. So, what do I want to imply? How about stopping the “tolerance” factor and separate the kids based on their race. Because actually if being tolerance bring more bad than good, it would be better if every kid deserve the same quality of education if they’re with their kind, than trying to be favorable which race is superior and which doesn’t. Don’t you guys think?