Black Women Deserves More

Few weeks ago I watched Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” which is about a married working woman engaging in a affair with a rich but dangerous man. The ending was so sad, as prior movies I saw about Black Women such as “Precious,” “The Color Purple,” “Women of Brewster Place,” that cataloged themselves as “powerful,” “motivating” and “inspiring.” And I just wonder what inspiring, motivating and powerful they portrayed in these films and TV shows is showing because it just the opposite of it labeling Black Women as losers, weak, and extremely emotional. I thought Tyler Perry would make an exception making this movie, but in the end it just landed on the same stereotype that most white producers and directors make and it’s unfortunate.

Not only that, the tv-show “Scandal” is famous for picking a Black Woman who “covers” scandals by the rich elite and even the President who has her secret up her sleeve when she had an affair with the “President”. And now they’re trying to damage “Sleepy Hollow” by putting Icabod and Abbie on Season 2 as a couple, but there’s one thing: Icabod is STILL married! And don’t forget that disaster of a show “The Haves and the Have Nots” also from Tyler Perry which focused Black Women as sexualized selfish beasts. I mean, I saw a lot of TV shows about women being successful, or having families and engaging in positive relationships with the opposite sex over decades. But for Black Women is the opposite and makes me sick to my stomach that instead of being all these positive good models, we’re below and conformed to be “The Other Woman,” “The Tramp,” and the most common of all The No Class with no motivation other than having different men on their bed. It doesn’t matter if the characters are successful, millionaires or something like that. Black Women deserves more than having these stereotypes roles because honestly it destroys and corrupt Black girl’s minds and input to be sadly the women these producers and directors and society put as so-called role models. It has to put an end to it, seriously.