Years goes by so fast and don’t know if I’m missing anything here. Technology is ruling every person’s lives to the point that in order to talk to friends or relatives you have to get on Facebook, or use your Iphone or Android with a lot of apps and programs. In order to listen to music you have to be online, stream music from Pandora, Winamp, Radio 365 among others. If you like it you may purchase it on Itunes. For everything, there’s an app for that. The thing is we’re very dependent and addicted to it… seriously. I visit restaurants, supermarkets, rarely clothing stores and it’s a giant circus of people flaunting their smartphones multitasking between walking and looking at their friends updates on Facebook while pretending to be shopping. It’s completely annoying that all of the sudden you hear the phone rings and some person pick it up and start talking loud in the middle of a restaurant or deciding which products you want to chose that actually ruins the day or night. And some people doesn’t have the courtesy to keep their voice down.

The same thing with going to work where workers depend on using their smartphones for stupid stuff other than doing what they told about performing tasks and get over with (example, Walmart) no matter how crappy they did. Even with laws about not carrying your phone during their work shift, it doesn’t fix the problem of social interaction with the customers and other co-workers.

What’s more sad is that they’re spending more time on the PC, Tablet, Video Game Console, Smartphone than having social interaction with their kids or family or friends from birthday parties to going out to having a ladies night out or something like that. It’s sad going to your child’s school event and all of the sudden there’s a huge fight of parents and their smartphones obstructing the view.

Now, with the technological advances, Android is working on a wrist watch that “revolutionize” the way people interacts.

Then, I scratched my head… a lot. And I think of this one…

And we’re missing on looking at the smaller things, that’s why this family are doing an experiment being stuck on living in the 1980’s

But if you don’t want to be drastic about it. Consider this. The moment you turn your phone, video game console, tablet or even a Google glass off for a few hours, and make a walk to the park or go to the library and read a real book for a few minutes, while having a conversation to strangers, even asking a question it change slowly the way humans interact with each other. It’s more rewarding interacting to other people than using a machine to do it’s job.