Going Back On The Road… Again

Start Photography Once Again for the 101 time…

I’m not crappy or mediocre when it comes to do photography. Besides I started in my early 20’s up until I took this seriously in 2011 or so. The problem however is the lack of support from my family, and the lack of respect from others. Being a photographer in an era where smartphones and apps like Instagram ruins the whole concept while I’m carrying a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) in a world of douchebags is annoying, specially when judgmental people looks at me with my Canon in my hand. Maybe they think it’s somebody’s camera or stole it. It could be farther than the truth.

I went to several activities like Car Shows, Female Roller Derby, visited Parks, Cities and Scott Kerby Photowalk, Barter Fairs and posted my Photos at a Coffeehouse named Create which shutdown last year, Weddings and Family Portraits. But still, I felt that people didn’t took me seriously… That last thing, that last effort was the last straw I had to just walk out after none of my photos didn’t sell… until I check on Imagekind for one more time and check if someone bought something. I checked on the Recent Sales and I saw one who did it and I think that person think that I’m talented, that I did an awesome work and all is not lost.

So, if my writing is not crappy, I definitely assure myself that what I did in photography isn’t either. I started rough, but still, there’s a long road ahead.

Contribute my dreams of visiting places, joining workshops and doing more awesome projects by purchasing my photos at Imagekind.com. Just to make this clear, I have to achieve a minimum of $50 bucks to receive a check. So far, I collected only $9 bucks. So, if I have 100 great followers on my blog, I think, my readers can help me in doing so. Anyway, Thank you for your likes and support.

PS: I never had reach 100 Followers before. I’m speechless!