Saving a Dog vs. Saving a Child. Cowards Chose The Dog…

It’s very unfortunate to say at least. Pit Bulls are very misunderstanding dogs that have a bad rap of being violent, “designed” for fighting for years. In Arizona, Kevin Vicente got severally mauled by a Pit Bull named Mickey and needs constant reconstructive surgeries around his tiny face. Mickey an adult pit bull is going to be schedule for a verdict which could ends in his death. But animal lovers are up in arms because of this issue by donating money to avoid Mickey being put to sleep, that he could have a second chance. But on the other hand the Vicente family is struggling to try and gather the pieces together along with donations to bring Kevin back to normal, but the support for this little kid is shameful, there’s more charity groups to help this dangerous dog than this innocent kid. And then it kicked me. Is it because he’s Latino? Just plain and simple. If the kid was white, the dog was immediately put to death, no court rulings, no if’s and but’s. But since racism was set into the game, “humans” prefer giving this animal a second chance than donating money for Kevin’s medical care and surgeries for the rest of his life or until his face is 90% to 80% reconstructed.

It just starts a bad conflict between the so-called animal advocates and families and individuals who wants what’s best for the boy and it’s as sad and infuriating that the social media prefer saving a dangerous vicious animal (who killed a dog, several months ago) than helping pay Kevin’s medical costs. It’s insane! I love dogs, and trust me, I rather have this animal put to death than causing another disaster waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pit-bull or not, when they attack and kill or mauled a human being no matter what, they have to be put to sleep. It has to follow the damn law!

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