Backward Compatible

This book from Ann Fessler titled “The Girls Who Went: The Hidden Story of Women Who Surrendered Children For Adoption” (Long Title!) explains in grueling and wrenching details the humiliation, the shame followed by their sadness by giving up their first offspring to couples unable to have children during the 50’s towards the 70’s. During that era, there weren’t female contraceptives or even sex ed to teach teenagers the proper way to not screw it up, so the ones that ends up pregnant have three choices, get married with the person who knocked her up, kill the baby or giving up away for adoption. The unlucky ones who their parents opted which was giving the child for adoption against their consent is indeed a denigrating process where the parent placed the pregnant child to live in a complex with other pregnant girls and stay there for the remaining of her pregnancy with limited contact with the outside world. A lot of the stories in the book reflect the same procedure they faced, where religious and social beliefs were disturbed for their own benefit, not for the girls. And I just wondered, if Roe vs. Wade didn’t come into effect, if the female contraception didn’t hit the shelves, if condoms weren’t available, I think women would think twice before spreading those legs to strangers or their boyfriends… but maybe they kept doing it anyway so why bother.

Women in the US, sadly don’t know between self-respect, self-worth when it comes to courtship or dating these days. Feminism plus Sexual Liberation broke morality chains that have been in place for so long allowing them to have sex with who they want, where they want and how they want no matter what’s the consequences. Stories like Savannah Guthrie, a “Today” show co-anchor who married and then spilled the bomb of announcing she’s pregnant and other women really makes my brain pop. “Am I born in another planet?” I asked. “Why do women these days doesn’t have precautions if they’re NOT ready to be mothers?” Why they wait ’til they get pregnant to get married instead of the other way around? Why there’s a lot of single mothers with 5 or 6 children by different fathers? Why men can’t take responsibility for their actions? And worst, how couples who were doing right it by the book, can’t have children?

This world is a nasty mess. It’s collapsing at a alarming rate and people can’t do nothing about it, morally speaking. If there’s no values, no morals, what we have here is a herd of animals humping around and reproducing, oh wait a minute we’re getting closer to that!

As the Twitter comment from Mrs. Guthrie saying “We Did it!” followed by a pic of them as winners, it doesn’t seem winning on moral grounds. Winning on what? Knocking her up? I’m not trying to be judgmental, but when it comes to courtship, dating and marriage, please! DO IT RIGHT! GET MARRIED FIRST, THEN HAVE CHILDREN, BASTARDS!