Typical Don Juan

The meaning of being a Don Juan have a lot to do with more negative attributes than positives in a man. An immature, judgmental, narcissistic, selfish, somewhat egocentric is what defines this type of fella. A lot of women fell under his “charms” only to find out that they were cheated, mistreated and fooled. And some never learn their lesson, perhaps their low-self tells them so. In the past days, Juan Pablo, a “single father” was chosen by ABC to be the 18th Bachelor. What ABC producers missed is how his attitude, behavior and poise ruined not only the show but the stereotype that all Latin boys are chauvinistic, machista pigs. I wrote about him before where he missed several child support payments to his daughter Camila among his homophobic points of view.  What people didn’t expect was how rude, unconsidered and tacky has become that some women were “escaping” from their lives on the show. Obviously they couldn’t stand this asshole.

It makes women think, why men act like assholes these days? Perhaps, feminism have a reasonable culprit of all this? Yes, indeed! The modest and honest courtships has changed to fast and easy dating sites and sugar daddy sites devoted to mutual financial support instead of marriage and responsibility where there’s a lot of trials and errors somewhat with deadly consequences. People say there’s a lot of fishes in the sea, but what they don’t know is the sea is poisoned with sick and ill fishes that have to be ripped out from it. Juan Pablo is not the exception.

He not only embarrassed himself but be became the first one to be hated by millions of fans that watched the show. Not only, he despised, he humiliated, denigrate women and become the meaning of the word douchebag. Now, can ABC put a Black Man on the show this time?