It’s Tricky

I didn’t want to get fined just because I didn’t have insurance, but the government pushed me to get it. There’s no respect between the government and it’s people when it comes to decisions like “mandate” or else. But didn’t have no other choice. I opted for getting the choice HMO from my employer because it was a joke going to the “Obamacare” website. I’m still waiting for their package two months after I called them. One of the bad things about my health insurance among the $50.80 dollars that are withdrew from my check every two weeks which is $101.60 aprox. I have to pay full price on Doctor $50.00visits or mental clinics $80.00 and total cost for the medicines if these aren’t in the list. Right now my doctor prescribed to get glucose monitor to check how my blood sugar is going. I went to the pharmacy and long and behold, my health insurance “demanded” that I pay a co-pay of $60.00! I can’t afford it! Why my health insurance charged me a three month supply for $60.00 when I could go to Walmart and get one month for $10.00 and pay it out of my own pocket, why health insurance companies are fucking greedy with this?

Even the free tests which are included aren’t free since I receive a bill from the doctor’s office “demanding” that I pay a miserable $2.51. Obamacare is a trap towards the consumer to waste more money for the same care they receive and many are going to stop going because they can’t afford the high premiums and deductibles (which have to be eliminated from the map) for just a simple checkup. It’s about feeding a family of four, or let the family be hungry, homeless because of medical treatments and such. And the worst, I live in a state that still Medicaid isn’t expanding. Not anytime soon, where thousands of people are going to pay the damn penalty not because they don’t want to have health insurance but they simply can’t afford it. And still don’t know where that penalty fine is directed to or where it’s going.

It was better the way it was and it could be fixed by putting health insurance out of the equation but the government didn’t listen, but listen to the rich instead.