Crazy Cringe: Listening to 80’s… on Cassette


Twenty years passed on since the evolution of the now soon-to-be defunct CD or Compact Disk that I heard music on Cassette Tape for the last time. It was the next generation to the 8-track. It was mostly reliable but very delicate in cases that the cassette player would sometimes tangle the tape and it was a bitch to take it out. It was the Napster of it’s era where you can copy and original cassette tape of your favorite artists or record radio or conversations and interviews. It was groundbreaking piece of technology that was competing against the never dying Vinyls. But with the rising of CD’s, it have been forgotten for many years. Until, now.

“Hey Pudgie! Look what I found!” My boyfriend said while having three small boxes on his hand while I was getting ready for work looking for my jacket and purse. I stopped and looked at what he had in his hand. It was three cassette tapes on their original box and cover, all in mint condition. One was Sting first solo album, “The Dream of Blue Turtles”, the other one is Power Station and the next one is INXS “Kick”. I grabbed them and walked towards my van to go to work.

The weird part of it? Remembering the times that I put on a nice cassette or a copy and listen to it for hours during my wicked teenage years. The MTV generation before TV shows ruined it. But Sting starting a solo career away from The Police, that was something to be look up with positivism. Listening on Cassette in an era of MP3’s and Itunes (which I don’t use, seriously) where mediocrity and greed collide, it’s refreshing. It was personal P2P when friends share their tapes for you to listen or copy to without being surveillance or arrested it was fascinating.