Serves Her Right

Rachel Canning sued in the past days against their parents and “demanding” them to pay for their High School Tuition, expenses and also College Tuition. But there’s a lot of catches to that story. Rachel was suspended in that Private Catholic School along with her boyfriend which her parents disapproved because of cutting classes. This “honor student” didn’t pick the wrong time to “lie” about her parents “mistreatment” which her mother verbally abused her while her father threatened to punch her to the judge. All in awe of having the judge have a little bit of “heart” in the matter. But as always the truth will show up. In the first round, luckily the parents won the case while Rachel was set up in defeat.

But I just wonder what happened to responsible parenthood and discipline these days? It’s like you’re a kid and everybody have an iphone and you instead have a straight talk phone that all you do is doing calls or you don’t have the latest gaming console or the latest fashion clothes, you gonna sue your parents for that? It’s disgusting and out of place that “parents” these days gives up on giving them the rod and instead they’re giving them a soft hand that later on when they’re teenagers they bite them. For a spoiled brat that doesn’t have the fundamentals of having a job, fundamentals of decency and self-control and yes, responsibility, it strike a chord among parents out there that teach their children right. She should be slapped in her butt a long time ago to never do it again, their tantrums, their high raised egos, their selfishness have to be erased before it could do harm to others and themselves. Thanks for government control over our children, parents have their hands tied and can’t do nothing to redirect their children into the path of good.

I remember a time when parents hit their children in front of everybody and it’s not killing them. Now, children these days expressing their fake authority and false entitlement to their parents that they opted to give the child everything to avoid making a scene. It has to stop, because the government has no right over what’s the proper way to handle a child. This is what happens when the government interferes with it and coward parents can’t defend themselves and in the end we’re creating spoiled brats that could become homeless, losers and dumb fucks in the coming years.