Douches R’ Them

Yesterday, at youtube I saw a video of a “father” with a tired look on his face missing out of two things:

Playing with his tree kids and the dog

Or put Discipline to them (something that most parents lack these days)

Instead, he was looking at the screen sort of giving up the “parenting” routine nearly to the point of shedding some tears but instead he hold on to it.

This video makes me realize one thing. People take these milestones for granted and this is what they’re grateful for? By posting, their “defeat” in front of millions of viewers that parenthood isn’t great. That it was better if he was single, “enjoying” life to the fullest by hurting the ones he may or may not love? What does it teach society that is better live childfree than raising a great family and this guy work it’s way to gain attention successfully to get it’s point.

But at least he have to be grateful for what he have. Three kids? That’s a full-blown blessing! Most couples don’t have not even a dog and it has for years (me included)! Couples that have been fighting tooth and nail to at least have a son or a daughter wasting all their resources and in the end in many cases they give up full of debts and break up in silence. Ryan Hafey should be grateful that he have three rambunctious kids that all they want is his attention. How many selfish parents does that on a daily basis? A lot! They’re not prefect, but parenthood has its ups and downs, and a lot of  infertile couples can’t experience that.

I think maybe if childless couples show this guy what it means to be childless on youtube perhaps he could change his mind about what it means to be a parents.