Lack of Trust? Pretty Much!

Yesterday, Tuesday March 4, Me and my boyfriend went to CDA which is 50 miles from where I live to buy groceries. At our last stop before leaving we went to a gas station named Tesoro and I filled my van with $5.60 of gas. And we headed to our small town 50 miles away and going to Walmart. As soon as I’m going to pay dog food, my card got declined twice so I panicked and left the place to get my boyfriend to go directly to the bank.

At the bank, the bank tellers told me that I’m still have 44.00 left in my account so I went back to another supermarket and try to buy dog food. Once again, I got declined even with the credit setting. That time I was pissed and decided to go again to the bank to figure it out what’s going on. It turned out that the gas station that I went to and buy the gas at, took all my money and left me in negative $5.60 cents. The teller told me in details that gas stations have that practice of hold some of the money from your account as too see if you have enough to pay for gas and to avoid “run-offs.” Some gas stations hold as far as $100.00. In my case it took all my money and it was plain temporarily theft. I was having panic attacks, having a hard time sleeping that I have to take sleeping pills because of this snafu. I’m not an irresponsible brat. I’m a very responsible person when it comes to spending and trying to stretch that dollar which is not easy. And companies like that who take advantage of the customer by temporarily steal most of your money because of lack of trust, is insensible at worst. At least, I got my money back the next day, where others might not be that lucky waiting for three days max.

And there’s no agencies that can stop this practice that hurts a lot of struggling Americans. The only thing to avoid it is to pay inside with cash instead of at the pump with your debit or credit card. If gas companies are not trusting the customer how the hell customers are going to trust them using their debit or credit card?