Do The Wrong Thing

Spike Lee’s mansion had been vandalized a couple of days ago after he went into one of his tantrum rant during an African-American History Month lecture at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn against gentrification of his “beloved” town. He was complaining about before “white” folks moved in, the garbage didn’t pick up everyday, there’s no policemen watching the streets and even there were African drummers in Mount Morris Park for 40 years before this “invasion” of higher income jackasses. Now, Lee stated the Drummers are gone, along with the “culture” associated with Brooklyn in the past and replaced with cops, new rules and regulations to “keep” Brooklyn in check and the rest of the people who lived there, obviously got into a better or worst place.

But what’s Gentrification?

Is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values.

Before this, Brooklyn was dominated by African-American community for decades bringing their own poverty with it. And now, this gentrification is raising the prices of the properties up so that the rich elite can afford, kicking hard working and low-income out and impose their own with their own rules and regulations. During Lee’s speech he explained his own father who is a jazz musician got visited by the police to keep the noise down. I just wonder what noise? His acoustic bass? How sensitive these new neighbors are? And that’s not all, Lee’s house after his lecture got vandalized and yes, the “po-po’s” are going to “investigate” into the “case.”

The reality of it is that poorest communities suffer because low-income housing is scarce or non-existent. So, where they’re going to live? In their cars? In FEMA trailers? You know where they’re going now? The media doesn’t explain where they’re going and how it’s culture vanished and replaced with rich snobs who have their own culture and destroys it.

Many people in comments obviously tell how racist and immature Lee is. But the reality of the fact is that even though he didn’t raise a hand in helping his “destroyed” community, he got one point across that gentrification destroys communities and replaced it with a culture that are different from it. If the Black community or any don’t do absolutely nothing to improve themselves, this is going to happen in their neighborhood and all hell breaks loose. Is all in the search of the ol’ weakling dollar!

Hear Spike Lee’s complete lecture

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