Speak Spanish And You Die

In NY, which is the diversity meca, a woman and her two daughters were killed by the hands of her abusive and violent husband. It’s not common that women get killed or abused in NYC but the reasons of this killing was beyond comprehension when Daisy Garcia visited NYPD to file a police report stating that her husband was going to kill her if they don’t do absolutely nothing about it. Well, not only didn’t handle the case properly but ignored her police report because she wrote in her native tongue which is Spanish. She’s not the only one who fell through the cracks but other six women faced the same obstacle when writing police reports in Spanish instead of English.

In a multicultural country is very shocking to see the deadly results and inability to understand foreign languages. Public Schools are teaching Spanish, and some teach Chinese instead of Latin amid controversies from “patriotic” individuals stating that English is the “official” language and if the foreigners want to receive services from them, they have to write, understand and speak English while saying “y’all, “merica, OMG and ROTFLMAO,  which is very common in their vocabulary followed by other offensive words. But how long will the Police Dept. adapt an effective system to translate police reports along with translators onsite? Oh, wait they suppose to have that! She didn’t write just one but three reports telling her violent ex will go and kill them. And he did successfully. Not only the police dept. failed miserably in delivering the case and arrest the guy but also made a bad rap for other women who are facing domestic violence specially Latina. Shame on them.