Ok, What Are We Doing Here?

This world is starting to revolt themselves for the sake of better life and future for themselves and their future generation. In Ukraine, it’s chaotic where dozens of people die and hundred of them are demanding the government to cut ties, economic and political ties with Europe. Venezuela citizens tired of “Chavismo” leadership by Nicolas Maduro, opted to protest along with opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez demanding freedom of speech, better quality of life and cut the food shortages that leave families not able to put food on the table. In Thailand, the citizens wants a simple request to kick Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra because he’s influenced by his rich brother former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Yingluck priorities were to bring back his brother back to Thailand, something that it’s citizens are against it from day one.

But, wait a minute here? What’s happening here in the States?


Everything is “fine” and “dandy.” There’s nothing going on here besides, the chaos and the corruption from the government influenced by the rich elite for decades where everybody who works hard is punished by the huge unfair amount of taxes from home tax, income tax, sales tax, insurance tax, everything is taxed from the womb to the tomb. Followed by insane and unfair rules and regulations that can render the citizens unable to draw protests, riots and revolts. What happens to the Bill of Right and their Amendments? Not everyone remembers it.

It’s a shame that even ME can’t remember the Bills of Rights, study it and adopt it. And people don’t know how to defend themselves in cases that the government is trespassing our rights and duties of citizenship which is doing right now. Americans are out of focus right now, where it’s better than to write than to draw a fist defending their families and their future generation against tyranny. It’s a shame that this country has endured so much and all we’re doing right now is watching TV, eat chemically processed foods a la “Soylent Green,” working more to receive less and struggle for another day. What the rest of the world sees us? That we like live like this even to have a probe up our ass. It’s unfair that all of the sudden we just simply do absolutely nothing to have our pursuit of happiness and a respectful balance of government without banking, religious interference. But in the meantime, what are we the people are doing?