The Matrix was created by a Black Woman

Check this out! Sophia Stewart, an African-American woman won a case against the Wachowski brothers for copyright infringement in a six year dispute. Steward in 1986 wrote for a magazine ad for a science fiction script that the Wachowski brothers were trying to make it into a comic book. Sadly, she didn’t received calls or mail from it, instead it was copying her idea for the blockbuster film “The Matrix.” So, that’s why she decided to follow suit against Warner Bros. and Wachowski brothers and won last year. The media was kept under wraps until the blog “Racism Is the White Supremacy” posted it on Monday.

There’s a lot of stigmas against Black Women that affect them negatively in all areas, and this is a positive example that when Black Women make ideas, they shouldn’t be shunned, deprived or fooled into achieving success. Stewart is a great author that if she was white, she would be credited to be the creator of the Matrix, not the other way around. Sadly, when you go to a bookstore (and not necessarily on Amazon) there’s a huge lack of African-American female authors from non-fiction to fiction and they not receiving the credit they deserve. Sophia’s determination and drive encourage Black women to follow their dreams and defending and protecting those dreams against thieves that can destroy their hopes and success. But the road isn’t all cleared still, there’s still haters out there having mixed reactions about the case and still have this idea that Black Women can’t write not even a sentence.

I’m so glad that amid all odds she found her deserved justice. I hope other Black Women will be inspired to write stories that can be as good as any other mainstream author. They could be writing scripts for movies or tv shows without fear of stealing their ideas.