Now, That’s What Womens Right Really Means

The documentary “It’s a girl” shocked my senses. It featured grueling accounts and experiences of women from two countries India and China of the barbaric and unfair practice of gendercide affecting girls. In India, a girl is deemed burden, shame and humiliation. Many parents specially in poorer provinces opted to killing them from the moment they come into this world. The rest, even as they reach childhood the parents often give their daughter to strangers to marry in exchange for money, land and possessions also known as Dowry. Sadly, these females are in constant threat of being physically, sexually and verbally abused to the point of death at the hands of their abusers. The courts turns the blind eye on Dowry murders ignoring the whole deal. India is vastly cultural and strict in their beliefs, that benefits men but denigrate and kills women.

In China, they have one child policy rule except when the parents have a girl they could have another one. They consider boys the most important while the girls are often deemed a burden. If the parents, accidentally becomes pregnant with a third, they should abort the baby, otherwise the government will force the mother to do it. Otherwise their offspring will turn up as “ghost” with no citizenship, denying access to education and healthcare, no passport and not being able to leave the country unless they pay a fee. Oh! Wait, there’s more! Due to the One Child Policy, it cause a severe disparity of both genders deeming the men more than women which is very difficult and nearly impossible for men to marry. That’s why in poverty stricken provinces are committing these kidnapping girls to find their boys a mate and in worst cases, sex trafficking.

From Morocco to Africa we seen a lot of cases of women’s abuse, neglect and killings over the decades that there’s no actual laws in place to protect these women. From child marriage, to FGC (Female Genital Cutting) it seems that women’s rights in the US are shallow compared to what’s going on in other countries. If you’re a feminazi demanding to be paid the same rate as men, consider yourself lucky. These women overseas demands more than a paycheck you gals fight to the death, they demand respect, dignity and a place in society that can be useful than being simple unwanted wives, baby machines, sex objects and unwanted offspring.

I recommend to watch “It’s a Girl” on Netflx and think for yourselves how grateful you are living in the states. What women overseas goes through is indeed a call for real women’s rights.