Consider Yourself Lucky, George!

In a interview with Spanish network Univision, George Zimmerman “confessed” that due to the aftermath of the trial that he was acquitted for killing Treyvon Martin and was found not guilty, he lives now in constant fear, surrounded by bodyguards, carrying bullet proof vests and also suffering from PTSD. And I just wonder, does jail seems better for you, George? Does death row seems out of reach, George? Consider yourself lucky, you might survived the verdict under the excuse of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, but you can’t stand your own ground when it comes to surviving day after day of killing an innocent teenage boy and getting away with it.

Also, blaming the Media isn’t a good idea since you’re using one to “defend” your “innocence” in front of millions of Americans. But who’s going to believe you? You got away with murder, you should be grateful that still there’s no one putting a gun on your head and claim “Stand Your Ground” as the reason, something that you did before. So why the attention? Doesn’t you suppose to go to another country or hide away for good instead of gaining more notoriety to your wrecked reputation by appearing on “reality” tv and interviews? What are you trying to do? Getting yourself killed and then be a martyr? Doesn’t you were better being in jail or awaiting execution than being “free” under fear and uncertainties? I’m not sorry for you for what you did, but I’m glad karma is getting your piece of your pie slowly and surely. Be glad and lucky you’re still alive while Treyvon is seven feet under and can’t live another day. Stop being a drama queen!