Short Notices #1

Danica Panic

Richard Petty comments says how biased and opinionated he can be. The seven-time NASCAR champion, criticized temper tantrum Danica Patrick for her  not-so-good racing experience. His words? “Danica Patrick would win the Sprint Cup series “Only” if everybody stayed home”. The difference between these two? Petty is a veteran of the sport while Danica is just a bobble head brunette barbie doll who has good sponsors. If the racing world isn’t for you Danica, to avoid being humiliated even more, consider being a model instead.

Twister Half-Sister

In the cold chilly streets of Wisconsin, a disturbed woman of the name of Kristin Smith pretended to be pregnant and while Brianna Marshall wasn’t looking, Kristin took the 5 day old baby and ran off with him, stopping at a far away gas station. In a few minutes police found her while the baby was left in the cold temperatures for grueling 29 hours. Happily the baby survived and returned to his parents while Kristin in in solitary confinement and being charged for other unrelated charges out of state. The weird part of it is that she lost custody of her own child a few years earlier and she moved to live in Wisconsin not telling her dark secrets. And then things like these happens. I just wonder, why women who have kids, pretend to be pregnant and later do atrocities like that?

Shirley Temple Dies

She was America’s Little Darling in the 1930’s in which her curly hair and happy smile and charisma bring the box office theaters hope as well as Americans in a era where the Great Depression was in plain view. She was one of the first child actors of the era, who didn’t have any controversial acts like “today’s former star actors do”.  After her acting career was over, she moved to politics and focus on her family. She married twice, the first for four years and the second until he passed away in 2005. She left a great legacy not only on-screen but off-screen. Rest in peace, Little Darling.

Detroit Meltdown

All these issues and comments about Detroit Bankruptcy makes me wanna say: “If you don’t have nothing to do, don’t say absolutely nothing.” It’s a world of whiners out there while Detroit vanishes slowly into a no-man’s land. Gosh! Sooner or later will we have Auntie Entity as governor and then all hell breaks loose!

Some Can’t Get Both

It’s a milestone having their first born to build a family with their love of their lives. But in British Columbia, Dylan Benson didn’t chose both when in a unfortunate series of events his pregnant wife Robyn Benson suffered a severe brain hemorrhage causing her to be brain dead. But all is not lost when his 28 weeks son survived via C-Section. And not only that, he’s receiving a lot of support from strangers and friends at his where he could help in his first steps of becoming a single dad. I always ask the “almighty god” Why? It seems unfair and bittersweet.

And… What the %*&# is That?

It looks like half armadillo and half kangaroo type of hybrid, (or put your opinion here) but seriously, folks, this is a new breed of cat named Lykoi. It has a similarities with wolf with their yellow defying eyes and upright ears to their gray scary fur, it downright scary for regular folks. I wonder, who the degenerate who created this scary bomb?

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