Black Men Extinction

Sunday morning I watched on CNN website a video of a grieving mother in California mourning the death of not one but two teenage boys at the hands of violence right at the corner from where Dinyal New lives. The atrocity of this act is that both boys aren’t participants in any gang violence or drug trafficking, instead they were role models in the community they lived in. The youngest was going home from the boys and girls club when he got gunned down and was doused in bullets, 28 of them. Then 19 days later his oldest brother who was in the first year of college was shot violently across the street. It is such a tragedy that no words can’t express from this grieving mother who guided their sons sacrificing herself to teach them good values and morals and sadly it went up in vain.

The reality of this issue is that Black Men are indeed scarce in this country where the majority of them who comes from single parent households are more susceptible to crime and violence than other races. Many of these boys, will start joining up a life of crime and abusing drugs at a very young age to the point that they get arrested before reaching 15. Once these young boys goes to jail, its impossible to get out of that life. They grow angry, with resentment and hatred over the system that supposed to help them but instead is unfair in giving them second chances and more importantly the lack of support from single parents. In the later years, the majority of Black Males are marked by the judicial system for their rest of their lives because once you’re in the penal system is really impossible to get out of it. An African American convict is unable to have things that other people take for granted like having a job, a family and a bright future. Instead, is going in and out of jail, because that’s what they’re hold up to, that’s the life they know for a certain amount of time. Once they’re out they have a hard and impossible task to integrate themselves into society, but without the right channels, counseling and proper guidance, they just go back to the penal system and some will never come back. The lack of Black Men, make Black Women uneasy in terms of looking for a mate that can provide and take care of her and her kids. One of the main reasons of why Black Women are 68% unmarried with kids (and counting) is because the men they’re involved with have any criminal background and they’re not ready to “commit” which leaves a huge blow to the whole marriage/family structure. But why the Black Community is dismantling themselves? As you, my readers had heard, the man is the HEAD of the family/marriage structure and the leader of future generations. Without his role, there’s no order, there’s disintegration. For this mother of none, her community failed her and even she’s one in a thousands that drove her own sons into the right path, it’s discouraging to see them go into the grave than being a positive role models.