Music Industry… The Other Way Around

I always read and watch terror stories of normal average Joes facing a unfair day in court, not for murder or drugs but for illegal music downloading. Families torn apart, dealing with higher costs til the day they die to later leave the cost at the hands of their grandchildren to cover the tab. When music companies, “sees” someone download at least one track on the disappearing P2P (Peer To Peer) they select the innocent person to involve in their agenda with their message, “You share, you pay” to convince music lovers that the right thing to hear music IS to BUY their product no matter how crappy it is.

But now, it’s the government of the United States’ turn when an industrial band Skinny Puppy send a bill the Pentagon for their illegal use of their song, to inflict pain and break their prisoners morale in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The group find out from a source who worked in that facility. The band sent out the bill to the Pentagon for a symbolically $666,000 dollars. The mere fact that the Pentagon used one of their songs to inflict pain, confusion, depression to a lot of prisoners there, a lot of them innocent and framed to terrorist attacks is downright insane. The US government spent millions, perhaps billions of dollars to keep these people in a remote island without no right for a trial for a decade being tortured, humiliated and stripped of their dignity. So, using a song from a band or different bands without their permission and used for that purpose, is an insult to the ones who composed the music and would give their music a bad name.

In the meantime, if the Pentagon don’t pay up the huge bill, Skinny Puppy’s lawyer will torture them double in the terms of dollars and cents. How’s working for ya, United States?