Biggest Loss

Society always put the stress on overweight people and it has been for decades over losing their own weight. Shows like “Biggest Loser” humiliates and denigrates overweight men and women into “losing” weight not because they want to get healthy but for prize money. This season however it drew a sour note when one contestant Rachel Frederickson lost more than pounds, but instead she lost a lot of meat from a size 20 to a size 0. She was 260 and lost 155 to get into 105. As soon as she walked into the show Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper were in deep trouble for pushing this woman into a sack of skin and bones. And now both trainers denied training her in the first place. If they remove the grand prize from the show and instead motivate this group of men and women to help them not only losing weight but improving their self-esteem, helping in changing their eating habits, they would be having more positive experiences than what BL is doing now. But it was just for pressuring this healthy woman into winning hundred of dollars while jeopardizing her health, teaching young girls who are overweight to do whatever it takes to lose weight even if it’s deadly and belittle overweight people across America.

Not every overweight men and women can’t lose weight fast because of medical problems such as Thyroid illnesses or taking steroids for skin or respiratory conditions. They’re not lazy, nasty slobs that all they do is going to the all you can eat buffet and spend two hours empty not only their plates but breaking the restaurant. They’re just good and outstanding human beings who are struggling with their health and try to get it one thing at a time. But shows like these not only insult these people, but telling them that in order to be acceptable you have to fasting yourself to death.

Now back to the story… the controversial win of Rachel should be taken seriously because she obviously did something and I would like to say it right now, just to win the money. Right now, all the exercise she did was puking her guts out. A woman who is 5 foot 4 her idea weight based on her frame which could be medium is about 124-138. This woman’s weights 105! Even her face wasn’t healthy, her frame wasn’t healthy and she was having a hard time walking on her heels. This is just tremendously scary and a tragedy. But after the show ends, will the rest of the cast can keep their weight they lose? NBC did a lackluster example that you can do everything, even dangerous as bulimia to win 250K. This sick society is indeed in deep shit.