SuperBowl Ads: Fueled with Emotion

This morning on Monday I watch all the ads from the SuperBowl on YouTube and mainly the theme of this year is emotion. Ad campaigns doesn’t try to shock the audience with extreme sexual innuendo from past years, they just want to go from the basics in reaching consumers feelings. Although some were truly touchy others were yes, funny and a few, well, very ridiculous. Here’s the best ads I voted to their Ad BLitz on YouTube

Best Ads

Budweiser “Puppy Love”

This is heartwarming and touchy where the puppy who might be a golden retriever started a relationship with a Clydesdale Horse that when he got adopted the horses try successfully to get him back. This is by far one of the best Ads because of three things, feelings, love for animals and relationships. When I saw it I nearly went into tears because it reminds me of my late dog Pillsbury.

Radio Shack “The Phone Call”

The 80’s were so good. That these guys from Radio Shack receive the call that prompt them that a group of people wants the 80’s back. And yes indeed they took everything back. Don’t know how they came out with this idea when 80’s icons are not that young as they used to but they didn’t an excellent job with lots of cameos from Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Erik Estrada, the guy from Twisted Sister among others. Good job! But still I want the 80’s though.

Doritos “Cowboy Kid”

Very hilarious. A silent kid using his cowboy skills to get his Doritos and be applauded by his mom is teaching kids is okay to be extraordinary. Good Call.

Beats Music “The Right Music”

Ellen narrates the story of the bears in modern times and dances to the tune of each of the bears ipods or tries to. She indeed pulled it off.

M&M “Delivery”

Very intense soundtrack, dark atmosphere and a mob leader threatening this defenseless peanut M&M to be crushed and sprinkle his remains on ice cream.  Good.

Chevrolet “Romance”

Comparing mating to going to a bar full of cows while being the bull with the background music of Hot Chocolate hit “Sexy Thing” in it place, it sounds pretty much disturbing.

Time Warner Cable “Grandma’s Big House”

Featuring P.Diddy, the cast from True Blood, Duck Dysnasty and then some. It’s fascinating seeing today’s TV Shows in one short ad.

Now For The Half and Half

Kia Motors “The Truth”

Lawrence Fishbone reprising his role as Morpheus from The Matrix convincing a couple to choose between one car or the other isn’t rocket science. But watching Morpheus sing, while other cars fly, it losses it’s flavor.

Go Daddy “Bodybuilder”

Ok I get it, but too much buff is a exaggerated change from floppy bimbos from past year.

Jaguar “Rendezvous”

The dialog of all these three “villains” really bores me to death.

Oikos Greek Yogurt “The Spill”

Can John live separately from Full House? Nope! It was better by himself.

Microsoft “Empowering”

This ad it tries to portraits Microsoft as the leader in helping people, community instead of giving their latest gadgets like Apple who have been showing off for years. It’s a pretty convincing ad. Unfortunately, the voice is still stuck on the late 90’s. It would be better if they put real voice software into the ad. Not waiting for Stephen Hawkins to show up.

Cherrios “Gracie”

Last year Cheerrios received a severe backlash for featuring a interracial family where the man is black and the wife is white. This ad however in 2014 was all the opposite receiving praise and good comments when the same family gave the kid some “good news” that she’s going to have a brother and she was bargaining it to also have a dog using Cheerrios. It was so and so, but it was better leaving as it is.

Now the Bad and the Awful

Movie Previews “Transformers”, “Need For Speed”, “Spiderman 2”

More recycled junk to torture your viewing pleasure. This is one of the most common errors in advertising specially in movies. There’s nothing original about these CGI infused so-called movies so why should I bother?

GoPro “Red Bull Stratos”

If GoPro put Felix Baumgartdner’s quote “I wish you could see what I can see. Sometimes, you have to be up really high to understand how small you are” instead of jumping off to god knows where in a 30 or 15 second slot, it would be competing with Budweiser ad featuring the puppy head on.

Toyota “Terry Crews with the Muppets”

‘Nuff said.

Audi “Doberhuahua”

Disturbing. It makes you think if you rather want to adopt a dog after watching this disaster of a ad.

Wonderful Pistachios “Stephen Colbert”

Two segments, so and so comedian… bad disaster. Even Pistachios couldn’t be saved from this ruined spot. I want my 30 seconds of my life back!

Bud Light “Ian For Whatever”

Oh gosh, a few cameos from John Cheadle and the Terminator himself Arnold, shocking a normal person a practical joke/adventure that was nothing but a cluttered boring piece of crap. Whiskey?

Bud Light “Cool Twist”

Generic, just like the brand. Intensity… blank.

Coca-Cola “It’s Beautiful”

It’s very touchy indeed featuring foreigners living in the states singing “America The Beautiful” in their own language. But why Native Americans couldn’t sing it in their own language like for example Navajo, Sioux, Cheyenne and instead they’re singing it in English?

Chrysler “America Import”

Misleading ad featuring sadly Bob Dylan proclaiming that Chrysler is all American when they move or shut down their factories to foreign countries using foreign parts. If they claim to be 100% American, Detroit wouldn’t be in that bankruptcy mess that is now.

Maserati “Strike”

Never heard of it. It’s a car for rich folks, right? So, why they’re trying to convince the normal people with mortgage, living paycheck to paycheck to get one?

Chevrolet “Life”

Another ad featuring a cancer survivor enjoying the sundown while holding hands with her husband. Heartwarming, yes. But contributing 1 dollar for every purple profile amounting 1 million is a severe offense. Why not more than that and we can call it even. How about 1 billion? Oh and yes, make every dollar count for uninsured people suffering from these deadly disease.

There’s more that I watched but I give the votes on the Best, while critizising the worst. You have less than a week to post your vote on AD Blitz on YouTube. In the meantime remember this…