It’s all your fault

A photo was posted on yahoo shine about three siblings two using a tablet and one being fed by his older brother while the “mom” took the picture.

Then write a post of how miserable and hard it is to be a mother. Oh, please! You have to be fucking kidding me! You’re letting your children use tablets as the substitute for a nanny while you do whatever you do with your life. Plus, it could be a very nice cozy home, but if you don’t have time to take care of three kids nonetheless it was better not to have any. Parents who made mistakes after one putting their children in front of a TV, computer or tablets while they do their things is selfish. Why don’t she leaves the door open  while she’s taking a shower instead? Here’s another idea use those two tablets put skype on and she should watch what their kids are doing. And people says it’s okay? If she posted a photo like this.

Social media will be bashing her symbolically with their keyboards with no mercy judging her and tell her what a bad parent she is and she shouldn’t be having kids, blah, blah, freaking blah. Oh, well is her life and if she rather be in a cocktail party than sacrificing herself in taking care of their kids that’s plain selfishness.