Chunky Me?

The photo and the comment that prompt Gwent Stephani didn’t inspire chubby girls in the US or perhaps the world. Rather it was uncomfortable because she obviously hated herself when she was a nerdy, “overweight” person in the 80’s.

She quoted in her Twitter account “Chunky Me 1983, getting @officialsting autograph backstage.” In the 90’s she became this:

So, why celebrities are always denigrating themselves and not accepting for who they are in most cases? They could lose weight, wear what ever they want to wear without feeling guilty and work themselves on routine workouts to make them look fit and slim in front of the cameras and their fans but they forgot one thing to fix their lives. Self-Hate. For all you guys who don’t know what’s self-hate it is the feeling of disgust in one or many areas in their bodies. From how their hair looks to their butts, legs and so on. Is the constant reminder and annoyance of seeking perfection and they’re NOT happy until they fix these problems either by plastic surgery or denigrating themselves even more. And it’s not healthy for every woman out there dealing with it. Unfortunately, the comments Stefani made on Twitter outraged her fans most of them “chunky” trying to come to acceptance of their own bodies. The worst sufferers on self-hate? Black Women. And it has it for centuries. Why society didn’t feel outrage at all? Instead, they got angry at the “Chunky Stefani” than millions of Black Women trying to look more euro centric because society can’t acknowledge their own beauty.

So, whatever you feel disgusted when you look in the mirror, Stop it! Eliminating Self-Hate is very serious and complicated. Learning step by step to first accept your defects and replace it with good qualities slowly but surely your self esteem will increase. Another thing is to ignore society once and for all what their own definition of their own “concept” of beauty.