Why Movie Stars Fuck it up?

Today, after the whole ordeal with the Superbowl, I found a sad news that some will shock some world. Phillip Seymour Thomas, the guy from Capote, died in apparent drug overdose. The worst part about it is how he died which was stuck with a needle in his vain. After being sober for long Phillip couldn’t contain his temptations for just one deadly fix. He’s not going to be the last to succumb to drug abuse. Hollywood Stars today are mischievous, belligerent, and somewhat arrogant. Their lifestyles consist on binge drinking, drugs and perverse sex and it quite secretive compared or as close to porn stars. I somewhat scratch my head in puzzlement. Why Tv and Movie stars after they hit it big, they just drop it low to the point of humiliation? Or even more, death, because they’re trying to “clean” themselves by going to rehab in vain for the whole world to see they’re clean and they visit like it was visiting an old relative or taking a time off from all the pressures of Hollyweird.

But, wait, I didn’t know infidelity, violent behavior consider a trip to the most rich and posh rehab in LA? Becoming a star is losing yourself to become some character that might or might not identify you. And it’s all depends if the public loves your talent or not. It’s the ultimate stress if that movie or TV series won’t become a hit.  And if it does, they perhaps think about living dangerously in the fast lane that could kill them if they don’t slow the fuck down. Last year, Cory Monteith did the same thing by popping some pills after going on rehab. Oh, did I mention that by using drugs you’re literally and slowly killing yourself? It could be one strong buzz or many, but death will catch you. But pretending you’re okay when you actually need extensive help beyond going to rehab is far ignorance.

I hope that many future generation who wants to go to that road of stardom or have 15 minutes of fame, I will say, there’s a lot of temptations, so choose wisely. And don’t do any crazy controversial offensive stuff to themselves and their fans.