A Elementary School in Salt Lake City did the unthinkable a few days ago by denying food to children who their accounts are negative or zero balance. Instead of cutting some slack to these innocent kids by giving them their food they need, the school cafeteria employees grab their lunch away tossed in the trash can and instead they were given a lousy fruit and a small milk. My blood just boiled. And what worst of this case is the administration didn’t notice their parents about it until it showed on the news. It’s humiliating and denigrating when there’s a lot of parents, single mothers who work their butt off to ends meet to encounter this unpleasant situation where their children are traumatized for the rest of their lives by denying food. It’s not their parents fault that they forgot their payment! It’s the school administration who were out of touch and damaged these little children dignity specially when they were going to eat at lunch.

As for my understanding, there’s school lunch programs for parents. What happened? Did it get eliminated? If the school district other than writing a so-called “apology” letter on Facebook, didn’t do absolutely nothing to get to the bottom of it and fix it, what’s the point? Oh, by the way, they should get a psychologist to give counseling to these poor little kids who indeed got bullied and treated like scum of the earth. Not only the Cafeteria Manager should be fired with no paid leave, but the principal of the school who allow it. It’s a shame that the war against hunger took great heights in denying what these kids need.