Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Give a Fuck

Last days, people have been gossiping over the disaster that was this year’s Grammys. You, my readers, should know from me that one of the main reasons of not watching this insulting garbage of so-called music awards show is because (besides I don’t have cable) I don’t lose my time watching the lack of talent that these “artists” has while humiliating real musicians who made a stand in the past decades and they’re settled showing up at the end of the show where the network decided to put credits as an excuse for “time slot.” Trent Reznor couldn’t be more angrier. Beyonce acted like a ghetto slut along with his player husband/boyfriend or whatever, Katy Perry confessed she’s NOT Christian denouncing her faith in the “Illuminati” with satanic overtones, and a unnecessary wedding brought to you by Madonna, Macklemore & Lewis and Queen Latifah. What is that the music industry is telling to the whole wide world? This is madness, this is immoral, this is puke back into the viewers mouths. And I’m glad I didn’t watch the whole event, otherwise I could be blinded, and would like anything the music industry have been giving their listeners for decades now which is a pile of garbage.

Speaking of piles of garbage…

Obama and his State of the Union was practically more like another bad concert where the fans are applauding and there’s no boo’s or protests from politicians and citizens. Where he spent, and hour and a half saying recycled stuff from last year with more lies and deceit and the congress didn’t have no other choice but to applaud this clown. How He dare to say that the economy is rebounding were there’s a lot of unemployed people and families on the verge of living in the streets? How dare he says that we have oil? Oil from where? From his ass? Still oil prices are not regulated and we keep on playing this game of highs and lows. This time, we going to have the four dollar mark this summer. And yes, the main tittle of the whole charade is raising the Minimum Wage, which private corporations are going to literally bankrupt the economy because they don’t want to compromise. Education these days are luxury compared to getting ahead in getting a better job in the past. So, it’s too little, too late and too annoying that still, people believe in this puppet and the hands that are controlling him.

Instead of wasting the whole hour telling delusional stories, why don’t Obama save the whole hour and 30 minutes by saying these words:

“I’m sorry, I fucked it up!”

And quit right away. Meanwhile there’s nothing else to discuss. It has been snafu after another in the past few days that I’m glad, I missed all the idiocracy (nope, I love this word) and stupidity behind it.