Puke and Excrement with your Whine?

I read the column on Thought Catalog from a feminist blogger Amy Glass belittle stay-at-home moms with words such as:

“You will never have the time, energy, freedom or mobility to be exceptional if you have a husband and kids.”
“Doing laundry will never be as important as being a doctor or an engineer or building a business.”

Well, as a matter of fact, feminism had this illusion that women can do everything or be the same as men in terms of getting a career, money and immoral sexual life. But in reality it creates angry, bitter women who have to depend on something to survive if they’re NOT successful. They believe they can dream and achieve any goals they put on to it using their sex appeal to get it, in most of the cases. It destroys the whole family structure where the man have to provide for his kids and his wife and the woman have to provide to care for her kids, teaching her kids the basics of life and taking care of the husband. It takes patience, dedication and most of all, love and respect to make the family stronger for decades. Married women sacrifice their dreams to focus on helping her kids achieve their own dreams and supporting and motivating their husband’s hopes for the future. They’re motivators, helpers, curators, healers. They’re the backbone and pillar of this wholesome structure, without it, it would be catastrophic not only for themselves but for society.

Amy Glass couldn’t be more sorry of writing this piece of filth aim to insult all the married mothers out there. And it intended to create an uproar and an outrage from these 400-word essay that can be easily made in less than an hour. But the reality of her column is how her character is, not even a real photo of her is posted on, because the moment she post it, she would be toast if people sees her walking on the street, and not that kind of pop tart.
The question that really rattles my mind is… why the “feminism” movement always bully married women with kids? What do they try to get from insulting them? Just because you have a career, money and lots of one night stands doesn’t mean you achieve status or you’re finally equal to men in general. Feminist women can’t be equal to men because they don’t have a penis, plain and simple. Women are the weaker sex in terms of strength and agility. They can’t even do pullups, not even three! I get that! But here’s the good part, married women with kids are very emotionally strong, patient, resilient. Married women’s duty to make the house clean, their children behaved and their husband satisfied is indefinitely hard work. Not only one time, but doing it for their rest of their lives. It is a milestone achieving it!

If traveling to Asia was your little milestone, Amy Glass, that’s your own. But don’t push women to do something they surely can’t do. Being bitter women living alone with 30 cats.