War Against Hunger Leads Nowhere

I saw a documentary yesterday titled “A Place at the Table” where it just opened my eyes a little bit more about what’s exactly goes on around the country in trying to “eradicate” hunger. The solution to this problem is very simple and it’s overlooked at. Career politicians are NOT interested in this matter but yet they’re interested in eliminate the whole Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act followed by what happens in Syria, or the Middle East, might stay in the Middle East in terms of “war efforts.” Most politicians are out of touch, never faced unemployment, poverty in their lives. They buy organic vegetables while the poor people, including the working poor, are stuck on eating chemically processed foods, sugary drinks with lower percent of juice, soda and don’t forget beer and cigarettes that a lot of people won’t commit to quit and slowly die because of politician’s lack of empathy.

What happens with Federal Assistance these days?

As far as I know, EBT benefits has been lowered to 20 to 30 dollars off every month starting last November, bringing more stress upon families and single mothers and the Elderly. Food deserts are an all time high in the cities, while rural population are moving elsewhere because of the lack of decent high pay job that can live independently. We all need a decent job, but in this economy is about the fight of the fittest, where employers picks the one that have less experience so they can pay lower. Meanwhile, the requirements of applying for EBT or Food Stamps are very strict and somewhat unfair depending on the state you live in and the limit income they accept. But many who work cannot get the help they need because like in the documentary, a single mother with two kids who have a job to scrape by, wasn’t eligible because she was two dollars over the income limit. Only two dollars! Meanwhile her kids will go hungry including herself in the city of Philadelphia living paycheck to paycheck. Poor people doesn’t have transportation, they rely on Public Transit to go from point A to point B and they land on visiting so-called “grocery” stores that stores junk food. And meanwhile, poor people are looking for jobs that doesn’t exists while keeping their heads above water.

But there’s always the Food Banks, right?

Food Banks or Pantries are designed to help the homeless families and individuals by giving them meals or provide them with food once a week, sometimes they work (depending on churches, non-profit organizations) once a month depending how big the population are. Lately, these services are being heavily burdened in later years because of the great recession that donations for food are scarce while the demand for getting food is higher which some cease to exists because of lack of funds. This is just a small temporary bandage on a large bleeding wound for millions of hungry Americans.

But We Still Have Food on the Table, Right?

We have food, it’s just the inequality of how the food is delivered. As I pointed before, the reason why poor people rely on buying cheaper junk food these days, it’s not because they want to eat something to their mouths, but because the agribusinesses profit from cultivating corn, wheat, cotton, rice and soy than fruits and vegetables, and because the USDA have allow them to grow this way and support them. There’s more products containing high fructose corn syrup, and chemicals than any natural ingredients in the box. The cost of fruits and vegetables are more expensive than the cost of commodity foods because the fruit farmers businesses are smaller and have less support or subsidy of the government. The food is on the table, but it’s just depends on how much do you want to spend depending on your budget.

Still they have non-profits organizations here in the states, right?

They’re still organizations to try to eradicate the hunger in the USA, but it’s very complex and somewhat shady on how these organizations work against hunger. Most organizations tends to help overseas instead of helping Americans under fraudulent tactics, while others like Feeding America is a well known organization very well respected on the BBB accredited charity list and is slowing helping millions of Americans to get food on the table. But as said before, the demand is very high for a lot of organizations, food banks and pantries to work with limited donations. And then, the question, will my money or food donation will help Americans, or are going to the CEO’s pocket? That’s why you should investigate these charities before starting to write that check or sending non-perishable food.

Ok, so the US is losing the fight against hunger?

Obviously yes. While social programs saves a few and rejects many, other associations from Churches to non-profit organizations tries to fill up the gap with no success, being burdened even more each year. Lack of jobs while the rich are getting more greedier, the poor gap is getting bigger and the food, the healthy kind decreases meanwhile the rest of the population feeds on chemically made food. Soylent Green anyone?

Watch “A Place at the Table” on Netflix.