Bullying is NOT acceptable!

I usually post videos on youtube about my life and issues bothering me. I started a few months before my dog’s passing and it was a good therapy getting all my frustrations and anger out. But last week, someone shared one of my videos about Tommy Sotomayor and denigrating of Black Women without my permission and posted his comment:

“What a coon… and a monkey”

Seriously? In this day and age, and still there’s incapable adults acting like little kids and drew comments like these online for the world to see and nonetheless my vid is in his google+ page. I inmediately wrote to him with the words “Bullying is NOT acceptable!”, followed by banning this being from contacting me, and flagged him for hateful speech since all his page was hateful against Blacks. The irony of his page on his main photo have the logo of the Black Panthers were all his comments and videos represent White Supremacist ideas. My videos have been set to private but still, don’t know how to eliminate the share option on youtube. They used to users be able to block this feature before. Not anymore! And it creates a eyesore for users and a delight for trolls to bully. What happens if I don’t want to share my content, and against my will, strangers share it on their Facebook or Google+? Should I have to stop my vids because of it? Well, No!

But that’s not all… my boyfriend also got bullied while playing Battlefield 4.

That night, he was playing this game online and some woman or some bitch told him: “Hey, I know you! You’re the guy from Facebook! You’re a giant ugly ogre and you should do ladies a favor and kill yourself.” She said in in front of other players that they were co-op online. The players defended him, but the damage was done. He didn’t report the person, and he was distraught over that incident. But still, we’re grown adults being bullied by strangers and it should be as I told before, bullying no matter if it’s in public, or in social media should be handled as a hate crime and the person should face prison time. There’s a lot of campaigns against cyberbullying but there’s no regulations that could help victims gain control and peace of mind and punish the person who caused it. When a person steals your purse and runs away, would the police ignore your cries for help? It is the same thing with bullying, law enforcements have to be more strict in finding the person, and make that person accountable for his/her actions. Blocking and banning the person doesn’t work.